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UDEPOM (Unión de Ejidos Profesor Otilio Montaño) is a coffee cooperative placed in Sierra Madre de Chiapas, next to the border with Guatemala, a place that has suffered a low infrastructure, high unemployment percentage; high illiteracy and low life expectancy.

The small scale local coffee growers (that come from different ethnic groups) created UDEPOM to fight against this kind of problems looking for steady and fair prices for their coffee and to access to the international markets avoiding the speculative abuses from the big intermediaries.

UDEPOM got the Fairtrade Certification for their coffee in 2003. The partners are committed to maintain the natural resources. They were pioneer producing organic products there. The native cooperative partners use the traditional knowledges for their organic farmer methods, and they also do trainings that are paid by the Fairtrade bonus.

The Fairtrade bonus is used to create a low interests microcredit programme for the partners to accomplish their own projects and to improve the life conditions from the community.

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