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Single-origin coffee: what is it?

Single-origin coffee: what is it?

Recently, we have told you about our single-origin coffees. But, if you haven’t tried them before, you may wonder what exactly a single-origin coffee is. What specifically sets it apart from any other coffee?

Don’t worry because, in this article, we will answer your questions!

What makes a single-origin coffee different?

Very simple: when we talk about single-origin coffee, we are referring to a bean that comes from a country, a region, or a specific producer. There are no blends, so you can fully enjoy coffee from a specific area.

Just as when buying a wine, you may want a Denomination of Origin from a specific country or region for the nuances that characterize the area, you may like Colombian coffee more for its flavor and aroma. Or because you just feel like it at that moment. 

When purchasing single-origin coffee, you can genuinely enjoy the flavors and aromas of a particular region. As for AlterNativa3, we focus on green beans from certain countries that are already well-known for their coffee-growing tradition. We will talk about this later.

Why single-origin coffee?

You must keep in mind that there are many factors that determine the flavor and aroma of a coffee. Apart from the treatment given to the beans, the altitude, the weather, and many other factors will influence its characteristics.

Therefore, if you try all the single-origin coffees available in our range, we are sure that you will be able to detect several nuances. Beyond the work of the cooperatives, you can be confident that each coffee has the character of the area imprinted on it.

We can see it this way: each country, each area is different, and coffee is not less important! If you like to try new things and you want to discover the history of coffee plantations in different areas of the world, single-origin coffee is for you.

Check all the options available at our online store. Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Chiapas and Nicaragua: which one would you choose?


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