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Kuapa Kokoo

Kuapa Kokoo

Kuapa Kokoo

This organisation was born in April 1993 unifying 50 production cocoa cooperatives from Kumasi (one of the most important cities from Ghana). These cooperatives have a very participative structure and the obligation to have an accountant and a product manager. The export is done through a second grade association, and the base cooperatives reinvest the paid price building houses, in education and keeping their culture.

Kuapa Kokoo was born as an answer to liberalize the cocoa market, being conscious about the need of the farmers to be organized by themselves and to participate actively from the Fairtrade cocoa market. It collaborates with Fairtrade organizations since 1993 and, for this reason, they can operate independently. They also have the correct tools to decide about their own development.

Some of the benefits that the farmers obtain from the Fairtrade companies are, for example, having the chance to live from their abilities  or paying a fair price to the producers (and it can be beyond the price the government passed). It also provides formation, the access to the information about international markets and the social bonus, that are reinvest in development infrastructure for the community (schools, drinking water…)


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