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CECOCAFEN is a cooperative organization that has more than 2,000 affiliated small producers in 11 cooperatives, in the Matagalpa region. The tropical and humid climate of the region, the rich soil of volcanic origin and the exuberant vegetation, contribute to the unique flavor of an internationally famous coffee.

The biggest challenge for CECOCAFEN is to work on the reconstruction of its country, after years of civil war. The organization collaborates in the production process (part of its daily work) and facilitates training processes, production and business technical assistance. It also provides support in the processing of coffee and ensures the marketing of the product.

CECOCAFEN has dedicated many efforts to improve the quality of coffee. With a mixture of loans, donations and their own funds (generated from Fair Trade), they bought a coffee processing plant in May 1999, called SolCafé. In it, the members have a threshing machine that allows them to process the coffee until obtaining the green grain, thus being able to control the quality throughout the process and increasing their productive activities.

The most recent project that CECOCAFEN is working on is the development of ecotourism in its area, which will generate additional income for peasant families, and educate visitors about coffee production and Fair Trade. Horseback riding or walking, guided visits to the coffee plantations, various activities with the community, among other proposals, will help increase awareness and protection of natural resources. The youth of the community are excellent guides, thanks to their knowledge of the local flora and fauna. The women, organized in committees, are learning how to provide accommodation and food to the ecotourists, in order to offer them unbeatable treatment.

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