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Chemex Filter coffee maker 6 Cups

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Filter coffee maker 6 Cups.

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Turn coffee time into your ritual. With Chemex it is possible, the timeless and elegant coffee maker, ideal for drinking your specialty coffee.

Extraction by the Chemex method belongs to the filter coffee group. Chemex is a drip method, with which the water passes through a layer of ground coffee and a paper filter, with which you get a completely clean cup of coffee, without sediment. Chemex filters are made of very porous paper, they are between 20% and 30% heavier than those of other coffee makers, so they better retain the oils suspended during extraction, which causes impurities and coffee oils to be retained in the filter itself.
The Chemex coffee maker is an element that was designed in the forties by the inventor Peter J. Schlumbohm, who was also a chemist, which explains its more laboratory-like appearance, but at the same time makes it so elegant and timeless.

Made of non-porous borosilicate glass that does not absorb odors, flavors or chemical residues, leaving the flavor of the coffee unaltered.
It has a wooden handle and a leather rope, which in addition to giving it an incomparable aesthetic, allow heat insulation to be able to catch without risk of burns.
6 cup capacity.

Ideal for coffee lovers looking for something exclusive, for a clean drink, a designer dripper and great visual impact.

How to use:
– Grinds your favorite coffee beans to a medium-coarse size.
– Place the filter in the neck of the Chemex coffee maker. Cone shaped.
– Add the ground coffee to the filter, well distributed and without pressing it.
– Add hot water, between 90ºC and 96ºC, starting in the center and in circles to the outside.
– Once the coffee is moistened, let it infuse for 30 seconds.
– After infusing it, we continue to pour water in circles.
– After between 3 and 5 minutes, we will have the coffee ready. Remove the filter with the ground coffee and discard it.
– Before serving the coffee, we gently stir it to oxygenate it.

(Reusable cloth filter included)

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