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If you are a person who practices responsible consumption, this is the product for you! However, if you don’t know about it or you don’t practice it, this is also for you! And finally, if you are curious about the consumption, but you don’t have time to learn about it, you may also be interested in this!



AlterNativa3 has been elaborating farirtrade coffee, cocoa and sugar for the last 30 years.

You may have heard about this concept -fairtrade- but maybe you don’t really know the meaning behind those words. If this is the case, pay special attention to the following information:

Fairtrade is an International trading system that respects people and the planet.

There is no abuse. No pollution. It doesn’t tolerate child labor. It doesn’t deforest. It doesn’t involve intermediaries. There are no chemicals allowed during any of the production phases.

In contrast, Fairtrade guarantees decent working terms and conditions. It ensures the production of organic products. It also promotes schools and offers quality products. It does prompt innovation.

And more importantly, it needs to promote all its benefits.

We need your collaboration. If you enjoy Fairtrade products share it! But if you never dared to, go ahead!


Biocoffice: quality coffee and ethical commitment at your workplace

Your coffee break is not only a reloading moment, but also a chance to contribute to a Fairer and more sustainable world. For these reasons, we have created Biocoffice, an initiative that brings an engagement with Fairtrade.


Simple solutions for responsible consume

  1. Coffee for offices: Biocoffice is the perfect solution for offices committed to Fairtrade and sustainability. Your coffee cup will also support the producers and ensures them fair labor standards and a living wage for their work.
  1. Coffee subscriptions: We offer you the comfort to receive your coffee at your workplace without the need to do constant orders. Our monthly subscription allows you to enjoy organic and ethical coffee on a regular basis. You also can adjust your preferences and needs.
  1. Coffee machines for companies: AlterNativa3 can offer you a wide range of options that suits your needs and budget. From automatic machines to re-usable capsules systems, we can offer you the best option for your needs.


Biocoffice can make life easier at the office, you enjoy a high-quality coffee and support the producer communities in the South, guaranteeing fair working conditions and a fair salary for their work.


All AlterNativa3 products are certified as organic, which means that no chemicals have been used. They also promote sustainable farming that protects biodiversity and natural resources. It also promotes transparence and traceability along the supply network. It allows you to know the coffee origins and its positive impact in the producer’s life.


Discover the BioCoffice world: you will be enjoying a quality coffee also at work while contributing to a fairer and more sustainable world.


Join us in this revolutionary action and make choosing your coffee an act of responsibility and solidarity. Together we make a difference!

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