“Sonríe”, The Campaign to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of AlterNativa3 - AlterNativa3


“Sonríe”, The Campaign to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of AlterNativa3


We are 25 years old, and we want to give you 25 different reasons to smile. Give us your reason, too!

we recorded a video to share the campaign: this year AlterNativa3 is celebrating its anniversary! Join us sharing your smile:


Get a free Fairtrade year”

Customers had to send us 4 bar codes from AlterNativa3 products before the 30th of November.

The draw will take place the 19th of November

We have received more than 200 letters. The winner is getting 25 AlterNativa3 products.

Photography contest #SonrieAlterNativa3

The participants had to upload a picture that makes them smile with the hashtag “SonrieAlterNativa3 and also with a short explanation.

The aim of this contest is to fill the social nets up with smiles. We have created a calendar where you can see the 12 best pictures. Ajuntament de Terrassa has been supporting the project.

The jurors are from Canal Terrassa, Coordinadora Estatal de Comercio Justo, Factoría de Proyectos and AlterNativa3. Apart from this, the winner gets a bundle of products. The other 11 pictures get a reusable bamboo glass and a calendar. We have had the participation of about 150 pictures.

Contest video: What makes you smile?

We have been sharing several reasons to smile along the year:

#Sonríe, we give you 25 different reasons to do it. Tell us your reason!

#Sonríe to 2017

#Sonríe to the coffee that takes care of you

#Sonríe to the coffee that takes care of the environment

#Sonríe to the coffee that takes care of the producers

#Sonríe, to the child exploitation free cocoa

#Sonríe, you bought a product that improves the world

#Sonríe you can improve lifes

#Sonríe when you choose a good coffee

#Sonríe when you share a good coffee

#Sonríe to the flavour that improves the world

#Sonríe to the coffee with dignity flavour

#Sonríe to the quality for everyone

#Sonríe when you choose to improve life aspects

#Sonríe when you create a commerce that reduces poverty

#Sonríe when you eat sugar that sweetens life

#Sonríe to the cocoa that reassures a lot of people

#Sonríe when you take a cocoa that takes care about a lot of children

#Sonríe to the gender equity

#Sonríeto a fewer inequalities world

#Sonríe when you participate in a more original Earth development

#Sonríe, Fairtrade takes care about Nature

#Sonríe, Fairtrade respects Human Rights

#Sonríe, Fairtrade is a good option

#Sonríe, you take part of the solution!

#Sonríe Fairtrade is good for everybody

We have created a video to summarise the campaign:

- 03-01-18
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