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Unión de la Selva

Unión de la Selva

Unión de la Selva

Unión de la Selva is a Social Solidarity Society that brings together more than 1,400 small indigenous producers of Mayan origin, of the Mam, Mocho, Tojolabal, Tzotzil and Tzeltal ethnic groups, settled in 146 communities in 19 municipalities of the Sierra Mother of Chiapas.

Unión de la Selva was formed in 1980 to try to provide an answer to the common problems of the peasants and in an effort to ensure fair prices for their coffee and to maintain their natural resources (soil, water, flora and fauna), deteriorated by the effects of modern monoculture practices. Organic farming is based on traditional knowledge, and the effort materializes in the preservation of biodiversity through native crops and using traditional working methods.

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