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Profil Mitra Abadi

Profil Mitra Abadi

Profil Mitra Abadi

Mitra Abadi is translated as “partner forever” and this is the most important aspect of PMA. They are strongly linked to local producers with the aim to expand the products from Indonesia to the global market. They implement together new cultivation methods, and they create quality products, that means delicious ones.

Coconut sugar from PMA is well-known by their sweet and honeyed flavour. It has iron, zinc, potassium, antioxidant, dietetic fibre and a lower glycemic index, different from the traditional sugar.

Althought in Occident is recently very popular, coconut sugar has been used as a sweetener in the Asiatic south-east from milleniums ago. It is produced from the palm flower coconut sap, which is abundancy grown in the tropical weather. It is cultivated using traditional methods and it is processed by the local citizens without adding any additive or artificial preservative, as generations ago used to do.

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