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PRODECOOP, Central de Cooperativas

PRODECOOP, Central de Cooperativas


PRODECOOP is a second-tier cooperative organization made up of some 40 grassroots cooperatives, bringing together more than 2,300 small and associated producers, 27% of whom are women. Its area of ​​influence is located in the Las Segovias area, which includes the departments of Madriz, Nueva Segovia and Estelí, in the north of the country.

100% of the associates have Fair Trade certification. Thanks to Fair Trade premiums, they have access to services such as: marketing, cooperative development (including technical assistance, training, credit or institutional strengthening of cooperatives), improvement of coffee quality and social projects.

The coffees they produce are shade-grown, sun-dried and hand-picked, which gives them very good flavor and appearance characteristics.

PRODECOOP is an economically and environmentally sustainable cooperative, with gender and generational equality. It is a leader in promoting the production, processing and marketing of the various products of small producers associated with cooperatives that have a consolidated base committed to development. This generates added value and offers more and better services to its associates, thus fostering a climate that favors strategic alliances.


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