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Fair Gift


Fair Gift is a Fairtrade organization which was founded in 2013 in Chennai, the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Fair Gift collaborates with 15 different groups of local producers to which more than 700 artisans and craftsmen belong.

These groups are located in the four southern states of India and manufacture many different products, each one by using the natural raw materials available around the area where they live and following traditional techniques.

Each group of producers offer job opportunities to rural artisans, to who they guarantee: paid holiday, accident insurance, medical assistance and, in some cases, zero-rate microcredits for internal needs. This way, their lives and their family members’ one stabilizes, with a positive effect for the entire community to which they belong, in economic, health and educational terms.

Fair Gift products have been manufactured in accordance with the Fairtrade standards, and also preserving traditions and culture in local production.

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