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It was born in 1983, as a National Association. It is located in the Southern Altiplano of Bolivia, in the basin of the Salar de Uyuni and Coipasa, at an altitude of between 3,600 and 3,800 meters.

ANAPQUI brings together nearly 1000 small traditional producers of quinoa, gathered in 7 Regional Associations. ANAPQUI has focused on recovering the part of the value of the production that the intermediary companies devalued.

The organization’s mission is to recover the traditional quinoa cultivation system, using methods that are respectful of the environment, such as ecological soil management or ecological pest management, in which the use of chemical products is prohibited. harmful.

Thanks to Fair Trade they can invest in the control, monitoring, internal certification and promotion of the organic cultivation of quinoa. There is also a training, education and communication project that emphasizes the training of leaders, and the training of their employees, benefiting more than 1,800 families.

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