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Kalamkari Nirvana Cotton Tote Bag 40x40cm India

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Cotton bags made in India by the Fairtrade organization Fair Gift. Made using the traditional method Kalamkari.

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Fair trade


100% cotton tote bags.

– Made in India by the Fair-Trade organization Fair Gift.
Fair Gift: it’s a Fairtrade cooperative from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state in India, which since 2013, are dedicated to the production of handcrafts and textiles.

– By buying this bag, you are providing the women who made them with better life conditions thanks to its work.

– Kalamkari: the bags are made with the Kalamkari technique, an ancestral stamping technique. Only 100% natural inks are used. The word Kalamkari comes from the Turkish word “kalam” which means “quill”, the tool used to make this complex designs.

The colours are obtained by boiling different plants, its roots, its stems or its flowers, depentind on the colour that is needed. There is only one exception that does not come from the plants: the black colour, which is extracted from iron.

The fabrics are hand-painted with the help of a feather (kama) o with the woodcut method. The outline and designs are drawn with a bamboo tip wet in a mix of fermented jagré and water; and then the vegetable inks are applied one by one.
After each colour, the kalamkari is washed, so each piece of fabric can be washed up to 20 times.
The whole process takes around 40 days.

-Practical: they fold inside the smallest bag to carry it comfortably with you always.

-Reusable and eco-friendly.


100% algodón

El comercio justo es una herramienta eficaz para erradicar la pobreza y las desigualdades que genera el comercio internacional convencional. Trabajando por la equidad de género, la erradicación del trabajo infantil y pagando un precio digno a las personas que cultivan nuestros ingredientes, que se organizan en cooperativas y toman decisiones de manera democrática.

Nuestra cooperativa apuesta por las políticas de responsabilidad social en todos los ámbitos: con las cooperativas productoras, manteniendo relaciones a largo plazo; con el/la consumidor/a, ofreciendo la máxima calidad y transparencia; e internamente, con políticas de conciliación familiar, toma de decisiones en equipo, entorno ambientalmente sostenible y equidad de género. Trabajar en AlterNativa3 nos permite formar parte en la construcción de una realidad mejor en las que las personas estamos por encima del beneficio económico.

Las cooperativas productoras cultivan los productos siguiendo técnicas tradicionales respetuosas con el medio ambiente. En la elaboración posterior, no se utilizan componentes químicos ni aditivos artificiales, que son nocivos para la salud y la naturaleza.

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