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Launch of the “Xarxa Escoles pel Comerç Just” project

xarxa escoles

Along this school year we are starting the Xarxa Escoles pel Comerç Just project at six different schools in Catalonia.

The Project, which is financed by Agència Catalana de Cooperació pel Desenvolupament and Diputació de Barcelona, is coordinated by AlterNativa3. SETEM Catalunya, the musician Carles Cuberes and the Colectivo de Mujeres de Matagalpa (Nicaragua) are collaborating, too.

Xarxa Escoles pel Comerç Just is an Education for Sustainable Development Project. Its aims are the introduction of the main Fairtrade and Responsible Consumption principles and values in the school curriculum. It pretends to foster more critical attitudes towards the conventional consumption and also to be forces for change towards a sustainable economy. It also pretends to promote the thought about the product origins, who produces them, what are the conditions, what is the salary received and, finally, if there is a more ethic and sustainable option.
the project is focused on different activities to work Fairtrade in the school, involving the whole education community. By this way, it suggests teachers trainings, different educational activities for students, Fairtrade integration in all directions, cultural exchanges with Nicaraguan rural schools and, finally, activities for the families.

The school year 2017-2018 starts with the participation of six different schools: Escola Montnegre, located in la Batlloria; three different rural schools from Baix Montseny (Escola Pont Trencat, Escola Alzinar de Campins and Escola Puig Draude, in Montseny); Institut Emperador Carles in Barcelona and Escola d’Hosteleria Torre Mossèn Homs, from Institut Cavall Bernat in Terrassa.

- 28-11-17
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