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Brasil Santos TUV Coffee Capsules Organic Fairtrade 10 units 5g

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Compostable coffee capsules of natural roast, 100% Arabica.
Compatible with Nespresso®* machines.

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Fair trade
Gluten free
Lactose free
Sugar free


A coffee with outstanding sweetness, medium acidity and a caramel flavor. With a silky and wide step in the mouth, with an accentuated aftertaste.

Coffee from Santos, Brazil. 100% Arabica naturally roasted.

Compostable capsule with TUV certification. Deposit in the organic matter container.
All components of the capsule are compostable, comply with the EN-13432 standard and are certified by OKCOMPOST. Under industrial composting conditions, they degrade completely.

BRAZIL is the largest coffee producer in the world. The most appreciated Arabica variety grown there is the “Santos”, with smooth characteristics, exquisite flavor, fine quality, and creamy appearance. It goes by the name of Santos, as this high-quality coffee is shipped through the port of Santos.

Cultivated by the Coopfam cooperative, which was born from the idea of ​​producers wanting to do things differently and thus have a better life. It grew based on family values ​​and the principle that what is good for one person must be good for all.
Its objective is to take care of people and relationships, seeking real benefits for all, and working to improve the quality of production, products and the lives of hundreds of families.

*Trademark of a company not related to Alternativa3 SCCL


Organic Fairtrade ground coffee, natural roast.

Fair trade is an effective tool for eradicating the poverty and inequality generated by conventional international trade. Working for gender equity, eradicating child labor and paying a decent price to the people who grow our ingredients, who organize themselves into cooperatives and make decisions in a democratic way.


Our cooperative is committed to social responsibility policies in all areas: with producing cooperatives, maintaining long-term relationships; with the consumer, offering the highest quality and transparency; and internally, with family reconciliation policies, team decision-making, environmentally sustainable environment, and gender equity. Working at AlterNativa3 allows us to be part of building a better reality where people are above economic benefit.

The producing cooperatives cultivate the products following traditional techniques respectful with the environment. In the subsequent elaboration, no chemical components or artificial additives are used, which are harmful to health and nature.

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