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South Africa

This cooperative was founded in 2009 and is made up of about 100 people, who have been working in the production of rooibos since 1998. A turning point for the cooperative came when Fair Trade certification was achieved in early 2010. Its members and partners work as a team and support each other in the development of the cooperative, in their skills and in improvements in production.

Fair Trade guarantees a minimum price when buying rooibos, which is much higher than the conventional market price. This supposes a drastic improvement in the income of small farmers and farmers, and represents a great opportunity for producer organizations to benefit from their work and to invest in their own development. After the hard fight to free themselves from the colonialist plantation model, from apartheid and to put an end to structured racism, inequality and the exploitation of farmers, being able to benefit from their work has meant a great change for them.

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