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Cumbres de Ingapi

Cumbres de Ingapi

Cumbres de Ingapi

The farmer’s journal  “Cumbres de Ingapi” is located in Pichincha, north-west of Quito (Ecuador). The weather is subtropical and the altitude there is 1200 metres. It was created in 2005 and it is formed by 50 families. They are small scale farmers that cultivate cane sugar, although they also plant other products for them and to be locally bought, as yucca, corn, banana, lemon and other fruits.

Each family owns between 2.5 and 3 ground hectares. The cane sugar harvest takes place along the year, avoiding the heavy raining seasons. Nowadays, thanks to the Fairtrade, the producers have come out of poverty and margination. They have built better life for themselves and for their families, for example, having access to education, technical formation and investing land improvements.

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