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Coope Agri R.L.

Coope Agri R.L.

Coope Agri R.L.
Costa Rica

COOPEAGRI is a social economy cooperative that is pointed to the comprehensive development of the associated people, by the implementation of different and alternative projects and programmes that help them to improve their quality life.

From its born in 1962, it has worked to promote the business social responsibility, the innovation and the excellence in the customer services, the participation of the partners and workers, as well as in the environment agreement.

This cooperative groups more than 16000 partners. In 2006 it exported 267 cane sugar tones. The generated resources from the Fairtrade sugar exportations with FLO certification are used to execute programmes to favour the producers, as: incentive payments, the coffee trees establishment or the Peñas Blancas basin river protection.

You can watch a video here.

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