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The Ugandan Coffee Growers Cooperative Union ACPCU brings together more than 17 coffee growing cooperatives, with more than 6,000 multi-ethnic people from different communities, stretching across the mountains of southwestern Uganda, from the fertile slopes of the Bushenyi to the Bunyaruguru heights. Although they speak different languages, they share a common voice: working together as farmers, with a vision of the future in the coffee trade and to improve their living conditions.

ACPCU LTD is directly involved in improving the quality of life of its members, who are the producers. Through the Fair Trade premium fund they have been able to build ponds and bridges and create schools for students in Nyakahita and Katenga, in the Mitooma district.

ACPCU LTD offers its members technical training for the production and marketing of coffee, timely supervision (according to the needs of the members), training of farmers in the best agricultural practices and record keeping.

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